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Value. Discover new value propositions and master new ways to delivery value in a world of constant change.
Strategy.  Master the unpredictable by seeing and communicating things in new ways.
Opportunity. Develop the skills to intuit new solutions for customers, and build solid relationships for mutual benefit. 
 Media: Use social media and disruptive technology to your advantage and to strengthen relationships with customers and stakeholders.

 Dittmar Associates, Inc. specializes in value discovery, development and delivery at a time marked by rapidly shifting marketplaces and entirely new models for customer relationships. We help our clients develop strategies for integration of disruptive technologies that are aligned with organizational goals.  By leveraging the value already within your organization in new ways, you will focus strategy, develop new opportunities, and use social media and other disruptive technology to strengthen customer relationships.

Both our company and our website are restructuring, but our fundamental value proposition remains the same: With our help, our clients fulfill their missions by leveraging value, strategy, opportunity and media.  Creating the future in partnership with our clients is at the core of our vision and values. Check back with us soon for more information!